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The ICT Communications Essentials course focuses on fundamentals of effective communications in a technological society. Students will learn about basic network functions and Internet connections. They will use strategies and techniques for efficient Web searching. They will also explore issues related to online safety and privacy. Students will learn strategies for creating effective website content. Finally, they will study the tools, practices, and etiquette needed for communicating effectively with e-mail.

After completing the ICT Communications Essentials course, students will be able to:

  • Explain how the Internet and its components function to enable communications, including data packets, connection types, Internet addressing, domains, browsers and servers, URLs, and navigation tools and techniques.
  • Conduct basic research using resources located on the Internet, including search engine techniques, evaluation of results, copyright guidelines, and downloading images.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of safety and privacy practices for online communications, including digital footprint, social network risks, cyber-bullying, safe online communication techniques, and acceptable use policies.
  • Demonstrate effective strategies and techniques for locating, preparing, and/or creating Web content, including writing text for websites, inverted pyramid model of journalism, word processing software, message-driven image content, accessing graphics, and Web communication strategies.
  • Demonstrate effective and appropriate use of e-mail for online communication, including e-mail address format, components of e-mail messages, e-mail client interfaces and tools, file attachments, e-mail service features, appropriate e-mail communication, and e-mail etiquette and safety practices

Course Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Using the Internet and the World Wide Web

Lesson Sections

  • What Is the Internet?
  • "The Cloud"
  • How Data Travels
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • Internet Addressing
  • What Is the World Wide Web?

Suggested Activities

  • Internet Connections Terms (Hands-On/Online)
  • Internet Connections – Find-the-Fib Game (Team)
  • TLD Matching (Online)
  • IP Addresses Hunt (Online)
  • How Browsers Work (Online)
  • Connecting to the Internet & Using a Browser (Online)
  • Domain Names Scavenger Hunt (Online)
  • What is Required to Connect to the Internet (Hands-On/Online)

Lesson 1 Quiz

Lesson 2: Searching the Web

Lesson Sections

  • Understanding Search Engines
  • Evaluating a Web site
  • Copyright and Fair Use
  • Citing Sources

Suggested Activities

  • Internet Searching Techniques (Teacher-Led)
  • Internet Scavenger Hunt (Hands-On)
  • Creating a Boolean Search (Online)
  • Protected by Copyright (Hands-On)
  • Creative Project – Copyright and Fair Use (Team)
  • Copyright (Online)
  • Favorite Sport Report (Hands-On)
  • Evaluating a Web site (Teacher-Led)
  • Evaluating a Web site – Advanced (Teacher-Led)
  • Citing Your Sources (Hands-On)

Case Study

  • Web Research – The Good, The Bad, The Biased (Team)

Lesson 2 Quiz

Lesson 3: Internet Life and Privacy

Lesson Sections

  • Social Networking and My Privacy
  • What Is Cyberbullying?
  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Virus Protection

Suggested Activities

  • My Digital Log (Hands-On)
  • Group Digital Log (Team)
  • Digital Footprint Map (Hands-On)
  • Online Digital Footprint Map (Hands-On)
  • My Digital Footprint (Online)
  • Build a Secure Online Identity (Hands-On)
  • Cyberbullying 10-Tip Plan (Hands-On)
  • Cyberbullying 10-Tip Plan – Advanced (Hands-On)
  • Acceptable Use Responsibilities Project (Team)
  • AUP, Cyberbullying, and More (Online)
  • Case Study - Attacked from All Sides (Team)
  • How Malware Works (Teacher-Led)

Case Study

  • Attacked from All Sides (Team)

Lesson 3 Quiz

Lesson 4: Creating Content for the Web

Lesson Sections

  • Writing for the Web
  • Accessing Graphics for the Web
  • Creating a Basic Web Page

Suggested Activities

  • Writing Effective Web Content – Venn Diagram (Hands-On)
  • Writing Effective Web Content – HTML (Team)
  • Writing Effective Web Content – Online (Team)
  • Writing for the Web (Online)

Lesson 4 Quiz

Lesson 5: Communicating Using E-Mail

Lesson Sections

  • Introduction to E-Mail
  • Understanding E-Mail Addresses
  • Sending and Receiving E-Mail Messages
  • E-Mail Etiquette

Demonstration Videos

  • Setting Up Gmail
  • How To Compose a Message
  • How To Attach Files

Suggested Activities

  • Compose an E-Mail Message (Hands-On)
  • Parts of an E-Mail Message (Hands-On)
  • E-Mail Address Book (Teacher-Led)
  • E-Mail Etiquette and Safety Learning Log (Hands-On)
  • E-Mail Etiquette and Safety Learning Log – Advanced Extension (Team)
  • Classroom Guide to E-Mail Etiquette and Safety (Team)
  • Comparing Mail (Online)

Lesson 5 Quiz

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