ICT Essentials Suite

ICT Technology Domains

ICT Technology Domains

The ICT Essentials Suite encompasses a field of 10 technology areas spanning the three domains of information, communications, and media technologies. These domains, while discrete in their own right, contain overlapping knowledge and associated skills. The suite’s title, “Information and Communication Technology,” acknowledges the uniqueness of each domain yet embodies their interdependence.

Information Technology Domain

The skills and knowledge base associated with the Information Technology domain serve as the fundamental or core for computing technology, including types of computers, their operating systems, how they are configured, how they communicate with other devices, and the kinds of output they provide. It also extends into the realm of the logic and programming side of computing, which is used to control the how, what, and when of computing. This domain also spans computing networks, their characteristics, and the cyber security aspects.

Communication Technology Domain

The Communication Technology domain encompasses the fundamental or core skills and knowledge base for essential computer applications and information processing most prevalent in business and industry. In addition to e-mail communication, these skills include techniques for locating information on the Internet, discerning the relevance and credibility of information, and minimizing the digital footprint left in the process. This domain also spans key software application technologies (i.e., word processing, spreadsheet, and database) common to career and educational environs for communicating and representing information.

Media Technology Domain

The Media Technology domain acknowledges the continuous evolution of how reading, writing, and sharing of information is viewed and applied. The use of graphic imagery, animation, video, audio, and special effects are playing an increasing role in how concepts are communicated within one society or across many and diverse societies. The three ICT Essentials courses in this domain span the complex and interdependent concepts and means of communicating using web, multimedia, and gaming technologies.

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