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ICT Gaming Essentilas

The ICT Gaming Essentials course focuses on fundamentals of interactive computer game creation. Students will learn about the design process for creating a gaming program, including criteria and constraint identification, content research and storyboard creation. They will also study computer programming concepts that are essential to game development, including program flow modeling, program code creation, and result evaluation and modification practices.

After completing the ICT Gaming Essentials course, students will be able to:

  • Identify principles of gaming, including modern uses for games and various game types.
  • Describe the design process and apply it to game development, including design process steps, problem-solving, deconstruction of existing games for analysis, game creation tools, design criteria and constraints, and storyboard creation.
  • Describe programming concepts and apply them to game development, including common programming languages and applications for games, programming structures (sequential, iteration and loop), algorithm creation, pseudocode for modeling program flow, logic errors, Boolean concepts, and programming language elements such as variables, events and handlers, functions, objects, properties, and methods.
  • Create a basic interactive game program, including writing code, testing and evaluating a game program, solving problems, and creating and controlling an animated object.

Course Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Introduction to Game Design


  • Why We Play Games
  • The Design Process for Creating Games
  • Steps of the Game Design Process
  • Deconstructing a Game to Analyze It
  • Tools and Skills for Creating Games
  • Identifying Criteria and Constraints
  • Creating a Storyboard
  • Using Scratch to Create Games


  • Stepping Through the Design Process
  • Designing a Storyboard
  • Lesson 1 QUIZ

Lesson 2: Introduction to Programming for Games


  • How the Programmer Interacts with the Computer
  • Programming Languages
  • Understanding Algorithms
  • Programming Structures
  • Introduction to Flow Charts and Pseudo-Code
  • Programming Errors


  • Follow the Leader
  • Get Inspired to Code
  • Logic Statement Flow Chart
  • Lesson 2 QUIZ

Lesson 3: Basic Programming Concepts


  • Introduction to Programming Concepts
  • Syntax
  • Variables, Expressions and Operators
  • Objects, Methods and Functions
  • Arguments and Parameters
  • Events and Event Handlers


  • Where’s the Bug?
  • What’s Wrong with the Code?
  • Lesson 3 QUIZ

Apply Your Knowledge: Creating Interactive Games

Creating an Interactive Game


  • Getting Started with Scratch
  • Create an Animation using Scratch
  • Going Bananas
  • Going Bananas — Advanced
  • Scratch Step-It-Up Project
  • Scratch Level-Up Team Project


  • Invent with Scratch (Game) 
  • Invent with Scratch (Demo)
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